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19 March 2018

What are the Benefits of Customised Containers?

Customised Containers

Customised containers are taking South Africa by storm. Their sheer versatility is hard to entirely capture but is, essentially, limited only to one’s imagination. From residential homes to office buildings, storage rooms and even refrigeration units, there isn’t much which cannot be accomplished and it is for this and several others reasons that they’ve exploded onto the commercial and residential scenes.

Shipping containers are easy to remodel and retrofit with just about any specifications you have in mind. While the more traditional home takes months to develop and construct, a shipping container takes just a few weeks. In large part this is due to the fact that they’re pre-fabricated; only requiring alterations to increase their comfort. Transporting them to their new location is also a simple matter since these containers were designed with that eventuality in mind.

The versatility doesn’t end there, however. When coming up with the idea of your perfect, modern and eco-friendly home, the layout options are immense. Customised containers can be stacked on top of one another and side by side to greatly expand your living space. These ingenious former cargo units are designed to relatively easily have their panels removed and replaced. This means that taking out the sides to install another container against it and create more room is a simple matter.

While they’re certainly customisable they retain their inherent durability. These containers are forged from steel with a closed top, hinged doors and corrugated walls. This means that the frame, regardless of how you tailor the container, remains one of the toughest materials you can ask for. They come in a variety of sizes and dimensions as well, which means you can go large or small depending on what that area of your designer home requires.

Get creative with your shipping container, it can take it.