Premium Containers
16 February 2015

Premium Containers committed to assisting with Social Development

Premium Containers always strives to give back as much as it receives.  As a small token of its appreciation of support from the Southern African region, Premium Containers is committed to assisting those in need, wherever and whenever possible.  This blog aims to summarise some of the projects and donations that Premium Containers has been involved with, in the past and recently.

Nkosi’s Haven:

Nkosi Johnson, a young man who passed away from HIV/AIDs, did more in his short life to increase awareness of HIV/AIDs then many will do in a lifetime.  Premium Containers assisted “Nkosi’s Haven”, formed not long after Nkosi Johnson’s passing, by donating a bakery container, along with MacAdams Baking Systems.  The container was painted in numerous, bright colours, corresponding with the message of optimism spoken by Nkosi, and fitted with all the necessary equipment to produce in excess of 500 loaves per day.  Premium Containers is proud to be associated with such a wonderful initiative, that spreads awareness of HIV/AIDs and cares for the children affected by it.

Henley Midmar Yacht Club:

HMYCPremium Containers recently donated a container, to be used for the storing of sailing equipment, to the Henley Midmar Yacht Club (HMYC), as part of the “Midlands Development Project”.  The project also received backing from “South African Sailing KZN” and the Department of Sports and Recreation.  Premium Containers had no hesitation in sponsoring this initiative as, besides our Managing Director being an avid sailing enthusiast, this project is a wonderful way to expose the youth of South Africa to the interesting and exciting sport of sailing.



S.A.A Museum of Flight:

SAA MuseumThe SAA (South African Airways) Museum of Flight, located at Rand Airport, keeps the diverse history of SA Aviation alive.  Premium Containers were pleased to be able to assist the museum with the donation of 2 off 6m (20’) storage containers, that will be used for the storage of aircraft engines and other components.