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5 February 2016

Innovative Bakery In A Container

The great thing about cargotecture is that it has provided many up and coming entrepreneurs with an affordable means of conducting business; a case in point is a quaint bakery that is located in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. Espinanca Innovations was founded by Lufefe “Spinach King” Nomjana, who started out with only R40 and managed to transform a metal shipping container into a popular and lucrative bakery.

Espinana Innovations_Shipping Container

Located in what was once known as apartheid’s “dumping ground”, Espinanca Innovations is taking Khayelitsha by storm; it is a bakery that is aimed at encouraging the residents of Khayelitsha to eat healthier. This is the first eco-friendly micro bakery to be opened in Khayelitsha; this business is green in every way; Nomjana operates from a metal shipping container and serves healthy baked goods such as spinach bread and muffins, and he uses packaging that is biodegradable.

Nomjana is not only passionate about keeping his community healthy, but he is also dedicated to supporting people in his community; he sources his produce locally to support local vendors. This young social entrepreneur and many others have benefitted from the rise of cargotecture in South Africa; this trend of building structures using shipping containers has afforded many with an opportunity to make things happen in their communities, from spaza shops to cultural centres, communities are being uplifted all thanks to the versatility of shipping containers.

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